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Adjunct Professor


Job Title


Research Area

Sheng-Lyang Jang



Ph.D., University of Florida, U.S.A

Wireless Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits and Analog IC Design and Technology, Deep Submicron MOSFET Devices and Technology, Semiconductor Theory, Optoelectronic Devices, Thin-film Transistors

San-Liang Lee



Ph.D., University of California Santa Barbara, U.S.A.

Semiconductor Optoelectronics, Fiber Optic Networks, Integrated Optics

Shien-Kuei Liaw



Double doctorate of NCTU and NTU

Optical communication, Fiber sensing, Optical measurement and reliable testing, Intelligent property rights

Miin-Horng Juang



EE Ph.D., National Chiao-Tung University

Flat-panel display technology, ULSI device and technology, nano device and technology, solar cell, power semiconductor device

Jong-Woei Whang


Ph.D., Purdue University, U.S.A.

Diffractive Element Optics, Applied Optical Systems Design

Ching-Hwa Ho


Ph.D, Department of Electronic Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Semiconductor Optoelectronics, Measurement Technique & Circuit design, Solid State Electronics, Solar-Energy Related Chalcogenides

Shih-Hsiang Hsu


University of Maryland, Baltimore

Silicon Photonics (CMOS Photonics, Optoelectronics Integraged Circuit, Fiber Optic Communication, Microwave Photonics), Photonic Sensor (Biophotonics, Fiber Sensor), and Semiconductor Processing

Chih-Chien Lee


Ph.D., Stevens Institute of Technology, USA

Organic Solar Cell, Organic Light-Emitting Device, Organic Solar Cell Device Modeling, OLED Device Modeling

Ping-Hui Yeh

Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland

Semiconductor Lasers and LED, Crystal Fiber Light Sources and Amplifiers, Bio-Medical Photonics, Optical Communications.

Pao-hung Lin

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Physics, University of Chicago, U.S.A.

Lab for Bacterially Induced Crystallization

Hsi-Hsir Chou

Assistant Professor

PhD in Photonics Engineering, University of Cambridge, U.K.

Photonics Switching Technologies, Optical Networking Technologies, Optical Wireless and Microwave Communications