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Course Descriptions

Education Description

We focus on image display and lighting program, optical communication program, and optoelectronic semiconductor and optoelectronic integrated circuits program.

The courses include flat panel displays, optical networks, micro-optics devices and systems, diffractive optics, fiber optical optics, opto-electronics, optoelectronic semiconductors and optoelectronic integrated circuits, optoelectronic systems and lighting, etc.

The importance of vocational education will be closely cooperating with industry companies. Training students’ capabilities on theories, experimental abilities and cooperation with colleagues will be emphasized .

Teaching materials, research instruments will be upgraded periodically. The international famous specialist on industries and academic universities in various fields will be invited to promote our view in advanced research fields.

Course Research Description

The institute combines with graduate institute of electronic engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and polymer engineering. We not only doing research, but participating actively in National Science Council, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industrial Technology Research Institute, and manufacture industrial companies. Moreover, university-industry cooperation and the academia exchanges with some well-known universities internationally will be reinforced. Some of the major research fields are described in the following:

Optical Communication:

Optical fiber communication, networks devices and transmission technologies of optical fiber, optical integrated circuits.

Applications of Optical Fiber:

Optical fiber sensors, optical fiber amplifier, fiber lasers.

Thin Film Devices:

Thin film electronic devices, thin film transistor devices and processes, thin-film solar cells, organic optoelectronic devices.

Liquid Crystal Materials and Displays Technology:

Optoelectronic properties of liquid crystal and thin films, optoelectronic properties of molecule assembly.

Flat Panel Displays:

TFT, TFT-LCD, TFT light LED, thin-film solar cells.


packaging design and technologies for white light LED, circuit design of LED, optical design of LED epitaxy structures, design of next generation lighting and optical light source, optical design of micro-optical arrays for lighting.

Solar Energy:

Optical design of solar devices, integrated structures of solar cell and LED devices.

Micro-Optics and Display-Optics:

Design and fabrication of micro-optical devices and systems, optics of liquid crystal, applications and technologies of photonic crystal, projection display, 3-D imaging technology, organic light-emitting displays.

Nano Optoelectronics:

Opto-electronic properties of nano-materials, manufacturing of nano-structures by focused ion beam

Measurements of Optical Properties of Optoelectronic Semiconductor Materials and Devices:

Crystal growth, opto-electronic materials, measurements of Optoelectronic semiconductor properties

Optoelectronics and Microelectronics:

Design of wireless radio frequency integrated circuits and systems, deep submicron devices and semiconductor devices and theory, mixed-signal integrated circuits, design of electromagnetic compatibility, optoelectronic devices, fiber lasers and optical amplifier, opto-electronic integrated circuits, transducers, electromagnetic interference.

Simulations and Designs of Optical Systems:

Applied optical systems design, micro-optical system design, design and fabrication of diffractive element optics, organic optoelectronic devices modeling

Analog Integrated Circuits:

Integrated circuits of flat panel displays, backlighting driver circuits, sensor circuits, analog integrated circuits。

Laser Processing:

Opto-mechatronics engineering, laser materials processing, optical processing automation, optoelectronic packaging